Welcome to Elsewhere Vineyard


Elsewhere Vineyard overlooks the stunning Huon River at a latitude of just over 43º S. It is one of the most southerly vineyards in Australia, which makes an ideal environment for growing cool climate grapes with the long ripening periods allowing maximum flavour development.

Elsewhere had been an award winning Vineyard but was in slow decline for many years. In desperate need for attention, we found the place in 2015 and fell in love.

What a task we began, remediating and developing the almost 80 acres with a view not only to improving the 30 acres utilised for viticulture, but creating a sustainable and symbiotic farm. Everything will have a purpose, and everything will compliment one another to satisfy the needs of the wine, the property and us.

Thank you for joining us on our journey to produce wines of exceptional quality. 

Our Wines

In Southern Tasmania the growing season is long and cool. Fruit takes for ever to ripen this far South, much longer than on the mainland, allowing intense flavours  to develop within the fruit.

Our vineyard

Our Vineyard is undergoing a huge makeover, but at the same time is also a calm and surreal place. There is lots to be done here, but it's also great to just sit and enjoy the peace.

Our home

Our home is full of lovely animals and spectacular views.  All of our animals are friendly and constantly handled by people, so they love a scratch on the head or a pat on the tummy.

As an artisan Vineyard production quantities can be small, so join our mailing list to ensure you don't miss out

"Fine Elsewhere"

With snow on the Southern ranges and rain sweeping across the newly planted vines, this quote from the weather report led to the founding owners daughter that she often wished she lived "elsewhere". 

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Come and visit us, and enjoy what we believe is a magical place to live !