Southern Tasmania is on a similar latitude as some of the great wine regions of the world including Otago in New Zealand and Burgundy in France.

Carefully crafted by winemaker Glenn James, our wine is made with dry grown, low yielding estate only fruit. The wines have great complexity due to the long ripening that comes with being positioned at a latitude of just over 43º degrees South, producing good clean fruit and a very evident terroir character.

Some say that Tasmania comes as close to the perfect climate for great Pinot Noir as you could find, and since we have decided to follow the path to Pinot Noir perfection, then this is the only place be.

We are surrounded by some of the best growers on Earth, indeed some of the best wines of any variety can be found growing and being made in Tasmania.

Our grapes are among the last in Australia to ripen, in fact it is sometimes a struggle to get them there at all. The fruit needs to be carefully managed so as to maximise the exposure to sunshine which is critical for ripening, but not so much that the fruit gets sunburned. For this reason our vines are  generally handled by humans as many as 7 times between pruning and harvest.

Our branding has also recently undergone an extensive makeover.

We are represented now by our brand icon who spends her time looking through a sight glass, searching for perfection. This is a task so often associated with producing fine wines and particularly Pinot Noir. 




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Come and join us on our quest for perfection !